Hogans, serving in México ...

WELCOME to OaxacaNow!  Please take a few moments to see what we’re up to.

Oaxaca: A land of great beauty, glorious weather, a land that is rooted in generations of tradition and culture, amazing history of ancient civilizations and unlimited potential for future generations.  We feel privileged to be able to represent Forward Edge International, our home church (Door of Hope) in Fairbanks, Alaska, and all of you that faithfully support us.  We’re all in this thing TOGETHER!

Forward Edge Team from Alaska in Oaxaca .

Forward Edge International:  We are working with Forward Edge International (FEI), extending their ministry into Oaxaca.  For more information about FEI, please check out www.forwardedge.org.

Taking the First Step:   It’s a wonderful and terrifying thing to be on the forward edge, not knowing what lies ahead, up around the next corner.  It’s really all about that first “step of faith” that we are being asked to take.  And we are confident that the Lord has already gone ahead of us, and we just need to follow His lead. 

For the next months and years, we desire to give what we have received to a people that God has knitted our hearts with, and to somehow help them see the love of the Heavenly Father that transcends knowledge.  It’s an amazing thing to witness, when someone is impacted by that kind of Love.

You can TOO!   So, we invite you to go with us on this journey!  We’ll be hosting teams of young people, not-so-young people, doctors, nurses, students, musicians, people from almost every walk of life.  These teams are involved in all sorts of interesting  and exciting opportunities, that range from cataract operations, to painting the faces of young children, to cleaning up a public market in downtown Oaxaca, to assisting in dental clinics, to feeding children, to pouring concrete floors, to rebuilding homes and lives.

Welcome to the Edge! 

To be part of our personal support team, please visit www.forwardedge.org, and click “Make A Donation”. then scroll down to “Support: Tom and Wendy Hogan” (That’s us!).  Thanks for being part of the team!


Oaxaca is HERE!

A few of us putting our skills to work at the new children’s center, Trigo y Miel.  

Serving the Lord

by Serving people.